Wow!  It is hard to believe that it has been four weeks since Kayla and Wade got married!  It feels like just yesterday to me, but maybe that is because I have been spending time with images of so many captured moments. I hope that these images bring back many cherished memories for years to come!  Kayla and Wade, it gave me great pleasure to create this slideshow for you of your beautiful wedding day! So, without further ado…..let the images speak for themselves!


{Slideshow Information: This is a fairly high quality slideshow and may take awhile to load. You can start it and then pause it in the lower lefthand corner to let it load. You won’t be happy watching it fade in and out while it loads!  On the lower right hand side of the player, you have various options of different qualities for viewing. This can also change the size of the player.  Please feel free to adjust to your liking. The default setting is perfect for most average screens, but if you have a large screen on your computer, go ahead and use the 720pHD version.  On the very far right is a button to change the movie to full screen. You can toggle that on or off, depending on how it looks on your screen.  ENJOY!!!}


September 16, 2011 - 4:56 am

Nancy Broomell - Debbie, great pictures, how can we get some copies of single?

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