Remember the fun of hamming it up in a Photo Booth with your friends or family?  Versions of Photo Booths have become ever popular at wedding receptions.  It is very entertaining for guests in between dinner, dancing, and cake. It also provides a behind the scene look at guests for the bride and groom. The Photo Booth at Kayla and Wade’s wedding was set up in a small alcove and contained a backdrop and a saddle on a barrel… retrospect, the saddle should have been cinched around the barrel, as it kept giving guests an unexpected ride!  It was quite fun watching the various styles of mounting up, the guests tried!  The good news is that no one got bucked off!  There were also props of various hats, boas, and toy guns to add to the  Cowboy Theme. The guests definitely rose to the occasion!

Below is a sampling of some of the final images!  All images may be viewed and purchased by clicking on the link below!  (both prints and digital versions are available)


….and last, but not least ~ a slideshow of images taken in the PhotoBooth!


Wow!  It is hard to believe that it has been four weeks since Kayla and Wade got married!  It feels like just yesterday to me, but maybe that is because I have been spending time with images of so many captured moments. I hope that these images bring back many cherished memories for years to come!  Kayla and Wade, it gave me great pleasure to create this slideshow for you of your beautiful wedding day! So, without further ado…..let the images speak for themselves!


{Slideshow Information: This is a fairly high quality slideshow and may take awhile to load. You can start it and then pause it in the lower lefthand corner to let it load. You won’t be happy watching it fade in and out while it loads!  On the lower right hand side of the player, you have various options of different qualities for viewing. This can also change the size of the player.  Please feel free to adjust to your liking. The default setting is perfect for most average screens, but if you have a large screen on your computer, go ahead and use the 720pHD version.  On the very far right is a button to change the movie to full screen. You can toggle that on or off, depending on how it looks on your screen.  ENJOY!!!}


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Nancy Broomell - Debbie, great pictures, how can we get some copies of single?


It is all in the DETAILS!!

Organizing a wedding is never an easy task.  There are so many things to organize, remember, and do! One plans and plans, but unexpected things always pop up! But, with the loving and creative help of family and friends, it is amazing what can be done.  I wanted to share images from some of what went on in the days leading up to Wade and Kayla’s wonderful wedding!

The Reception was held in the Elks Lodge in Creede, Colorado!  With a bit of work and lots of imagination from many people, the space was transformed into a magical venue that was perfect for this celebration of marriage.  360+  guests enjoyed the amazing gourmet hamburger bar and then spent the night dancing to the fantastic music of The Yarbrough Band !  

First of all, lots of stuff had to be moved and then lots of new stuff had to be brought up the stairs, and I mean stairs!

Who needs a Stairmaster?

Lights were hung  and tables and chairs organized!

Henderson Wedding|DancingDogPhotography-1

Blue and green were the colors used throughout the lodge. There were arrangements of blue and green flowers and Aspen leaves and limes.  Several personal photos and items added to the energy of the event.  There was photo book, as well as a collage of meaningful photos from Kayla and Wade’s past.


Did I mention that this took place in an Elks Lodge and that there were several Elk watching over the event?

 While we were setting up, we even had a gentleman from Hawaii come in to visit his elk!


Many, many people dropped by to help. It definitely added to the fun and there will always be fond memories of working together!

There was lots and lots of laughter!


The Photo Booth was definitely a community effort, but I think that most will agree that it was well worth the effort!

{Images soon to appear!}


The cakes were beautiful as well as delicious!

………and what about that Tractor?……Ford- 4000 is my best guess!

and the beautiful Irish crystal glasses!


But there was also time for some relaxation for those responsible for all of that ‘detail work!’

Nothing like getting ‘detail’ work done on fingers and toes ladies!


But in the end… all turned out truly beautiful and magical!

(Disclaimer:  no, these hard workers did not create bends and curves in the Elks Lodge…….this is called a Fish Eye Lens and is a fun way to show an entire room!

sorry guys, it does sort of distort body types!)



Now for those of you who were there…….here is one little detail that everyone forgot about……can you imagine being a member of  The Yarbrough Band and after climbing up a million stairs, walking into this room and realizing that allllll of your equipment has to somehow get to the far side???  This photographer is personally glad that she did not have to see (or hear) that!!

I’m just saying……DETAILS

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Barbara Zehner - Debbie, This is great! I so look forward to each chapter!